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Our American Indian Jewelry is unique in design and limited edition.

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Who is American Indian Room?

Barry Hardin is the designer of the American Indian Room jewelry.  Read more about Barry...

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American Indian Blog

Interested in the history of American Indians?  Read our blog and follow us!

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The American Indian Room specializes in hand-made jewelry created in two media:  Germansilver (also known as nickel silver) and brass, and we have two general categories:  Plains Indian styles and Contemporary Western.


Our Plains Indian Style has contemporary pieces based on traditional designs for powwow dancers and Native American Church practitioners, as well as “old style” pieces representing historic items made and used in the Indian Wars and late 1800s period.  Ours is the traditional Southern Plains style, as opposed to traditional Southwestern jewelry which uses sterling silver, turquoise, and other stones.


Our new Contemporary Western jewelry line offers accessories for those dressing in the fashions of the American Western man and woman.


Many customers engage us to create customized pieces based on their original ideas which incorporate the traditional type of work seen here in our on-line selection.  Please contact us to discuss your needs for customized pieces, such as an entire matching set of Straight Dance silver work, extra-special hairplate sets, etc.

We now also feature Custom Letter Engraving for many of our jewelry pieces.  Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Under the “BUY ONLINE” home page setting, see examples of our creative and unique pieces under the “Custom Work” heading.