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American Indian Room Blog #2

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Welcome to my second blog for The American Indian Room. I had a good response from you subscribers to Blog #1 which I posted last Spring, and I’m now happy to tell you “what’s new”.

Yes, I’ve finally graduated to the modern age by getting on social media. Am now on Instagram under americanindianroom, so please do a search for me there and become one of my Followers. I am not active on Facebook and have no plans to do so at this time.

Instagram is an efficient way to more readily keep in touch with my customers in an up-to-date fashion, as well for me to post new and one-of-a-kind products. You can also see special custom order pieces that I’ve made recently.

Instagram allows me to not only communicate quickly with existing customers but to reach an expanded audience.

For new jewelry products you see on my Instagram site, you’ll be able to order them directly using either of 2 ways: (a) Direct Message (DM) me through Instagram instead of my web site; or (b) Use the Contact Us function on the website: americanindianroom.com Whichever way you chose, you’ll be able to complete your purchase by providing a credit card number or using PayPal. For shipping, most small items can be sent First Class with Tracking for only $5.00.

There are not many venues in our part of the country where I can set up to sell and meet new customers. However, Sheridan has a vibrant street fair once a month during the summer, and we participated at the 3rd Thursday event in September. It was fun to meet so many people who were not aware of our company and products, and I believe we made some new friends.

Will be looking for other venues in our area in 2022 which I’ll announce, so, if you’re in the neighborhood, please stop by!

If you need to place an order for merchandise you need for Christmas, the deadline is December 15th, in order for me to be able to get things mailed quickly. I will use USPS as a first choice or, if you want another carrier, please contact me so I can check shipping prices and quote you accordingly.

Although 2021 started off slowly, it eventually picked up such that I’ve been quite busy at the bench this Fall. So, “thank you” to all my customers who continue to show an interest in my products and support my business!

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